Outdoor Research Neoplume Jacket

The OR Neoplume is the perfect cold weather midlayer (for me). The design is simple but effective, characteristic of most OR clothing, and the construction leaves nothing to be desired. There are nice touches including cinch chords at the hem, chin guard, and a chest pocket. The jacket is lightweight and packs very small, smaller than most fleeces of equivalent warmth.

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  • Warm
  • Lightweight (445 g)
  • Smart design/good looks
  • Excellent construction
  • packs small


  • lightweight fabric may snag easily (not happened yet)

The OR neoplume is an excellent mid layer/outer layer/belay jacket from OR. It is very lightweight, and comfortable. It is well designed with nice attention to detail (everything is sleek and unobtrussive) and functions nicely. It appears very well constructed, and fits nicely.

Fit and Comfort: Although I have read multiple reviews of OR clothing claiming people needed to size-up due to narrow fit, I found a large perfect for me (5 foot 10 and 1/2, 200 lbs) with adequate room to layer underneath and perfect length to the arms. The jacket remains very comfortable during activities and there is no friction or tightness. Furthermore, the inner liner is very soft and comfortable (almost silk like) with no chaffing from any seams, making it very comfortable to wear even over a short sleeve baselayer. The chin guard is a nice touch in terms of comfort as well.

Adjustability: There is Velcro on the cuffs and cinch chords on the hem making it quite easy to adjust for a perfect fit.

Water resistance, breathability, and moisture: This is an insulation layer and as such not designed to be waterproof, but it does have a DWR finish. I have not worn this in the rain, but have used it as an outer layer in the snow and it dealt with it just fine. The breathability and handling of moisture appeared good as any sweat generated during activity evaporated away as the day went on without me ever feeling uncomfortable.

Warmth: I have read several reviews claiming this jacket could be warmer, and I can neither agree nor disagree. It is filled with primaloft ECO60 so its not a heavy insulation. However, my body tends to run on the hot side, so this is the perfect level of warmth for me for temperatures between -15 and 0 oC.

Layering: I found there to be adequate room for several layers underneath, including a microfleece or potentially a heavier weight fleece vest. Also, the jacket is quite easy to layer on top of, and I often wear it underneath a waterproof shell (TNF Venture).

Abrasion: I have worn this as an outer layer with a light daypack for short hikes. The nylon ripstop fabric appears to be reasonably abrasion resistant as there are no signs of wear. So far so good, but it is a lightweight garment so some care should be taken.

Function, ease of use, and features: The jacket functions as advertised (extremely well), and is simple to use. The design is well thought out, the chest zip is a nice touch, and the adjustability helps for a good fit. Everything about the jacket makes sense and there are no unnecessary extras that could get in the way.

Construction and Durability: The jacket is very well put together. Upon examination when I received it, there was not so much as a loose thread. So far it has held up very well, especially considering that I have used it as an outer layer.

Conditions: I have used this for hiking and traveling in Scotland in winter conditions and it has performed very well. I would highly recommend it, and would gladly replace it should be damaged or lost. 

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